We are now accepting pre-orders for the January Grand Sumo Tournament in Tokyo, from January 10th to 24th!


In this unusal time, available ticket types and prices might be different from what we wrote below. Please contact us to discuss what you’re looking for!

2021 – Grand Sumo Tournament Schedule

January 2021
the Hatsu Basho
March 2021
the Haru Basho
May 2021
the Natsu Basho
July 2021
the Nagoya Basho
September 2021
the Aki Basho
November 2021
the Kyushu Basho

2022 – Grand Sumo Tournament Schedule

January 2022
the Hatsu Basho
March 2022
the Haru Basho
May 2022
the Natsu Basho
July 2022
the Nagoya Basho
September 2022
the Aki Basho
November 2022
the Kyushu Basho

What is a Pre-Order?

A pre-order is when you make an order and complete payment before ticket sales begin. If you pre-order, we will buy your tickets as soon as sales open. More information

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Sumo Special Events

Special Events

There will be special events in February and May in Tokyo!

February (first half of the month):
More events in Tokyo to be announced later.
May 30th (Tokyo):
Retirement ceremony for a wrestler at the main sumo arena. The schedule includes matches for the top two divisions and the ceremonial hair-cutting of the retiring wrestler, completing the retirement process. Contact us for details

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**Watch this page for more events to be added.**