About Us

What does your business do?

We are a ticket-buying service specialising in sumo tickets. We act on your behalf to get the tickets that you request. We then send the tickets to your country or to your accommodation in Japan.

Where are you based?

We are based in Japan, in the Tokyo area.

How long have you been in business?

We opened for business in December 2008, helping our customers to get tickets for the January 2009 sumo tournament.

Why should I use your service?

We have relationships with several sources of tickets and our success rate for pre-order tickets to a tournament is often 100%. Sumo tickets can be very difficult to get, but we are here to support you and provide our expert assistance and service.

Fast Service:
We answer your emails promptly. In many cases, you’ll receive a response in less than an hour. We operate 7 days a week and are open almost every day of the year.
Convenient shipping:
We’ll ship your tickets by express mail to almost any location in the world, or arrange for them to be waiting for you at your hotel in Japan when you check in.
No expensive tours:
We’ll get you just the tickets you want without a full tour or a huge price mark-up.


Thank you thank you thank you !! … you were the BEST!!!
Thanks for going above and beyond to give us this experience.
You made it such an easy process; we will definitely be using your site every time we come to Japan now!!
MaijaSouth Korea
Your service and especially the speed of your answers is unbelievable!
Always a great and trustworthy service.
You folks have just made my day!! Wow I am so excited!