Shipping, Payment and Terms

Shipping, Payment and Terms

Shipping Prices (international, in Japan, 7-11 pick-up)
Terms and Conditions

For exchange rates between the yen and your currency, use the currency converter at the bottom of the page.

International Shipping

(international basic post)

  • registered airmail with insurance but only limited tracking
  • signature required
  • for orders with total cost up to 25,000 yen (ticket cost + service)
  • usually takes 7-12 days (**for safety, we require 20 days available until your departure**)
  • available to these countries: Austria, Denmark, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Korea, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, United Kingdom
  • 1,000 yen

(international express post)

  • EMS post with insurance and full tracking
  • signature required
  • no limit on order value
  • usually takes 3-6 days (**for safety, we require 10 days available until your departure**)

Region 1: Hong Kong, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand
Region 2: Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Qatar, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, United States
Region 3: Europe (including Ireland and United Kingdom, excluding Turkey)
Region 4: Argentina, Brazil

Please contact us for countries which are not on the list.

Total Cost (tickets+service) Shipping
Region 1
Region 2
Region 3
Region 4
up to 20,000 yen 1,500 yen 2,100 yen 2,300 yen 2,500 yen
20,050 – 40,000 yen 1,550 yen 2,150 yen 2,350 yen 2,550 yen
40,050 – 60,000 yen 1,600 yen 2,200 yen 2,400 yen 2,600 yen
60,050 – 80,000 yen 1,650 yen 2,250 yen 2,450 yen 2,650 yen
80,050 yen – 100,000 yen 1,700 yen 2,300 yen 2,500 yen 2,700 yen
100,050 and above 1,750 yen 2,350 yen 2,550 yen 2,750 yen

Shipping in Japan

(to your hotel/hostel, home, work)

  • registered mail with tracking and insurance
  • signature required
  • usually takes 1-2 days
  • if to your hotel/hostel, we ship for delivery a few days before you arrive and the hotel front desk signs for you (almost all hotels accept mail and problems are very rare, but it’s your responsibility to confirm that it is safe)

Total Cost (tickets+service) Shipping Cost
up to 50,000 yen 500 yen
50,100 yen or more 600 yen

(to your AirBnB, rental apartment)

  • shipping to AirBnB is not recommended except if no other option is possible
  • registered mail with tracking and insurance
  • signature required
  • you must choose a date and timeslot when you will be at the address to receive and sign
  • timeslots are 08:00-12:00, 12:00-17:00, 17:00-21:00
  • if your host will receive it for you before your arrival, choose the option above for shipping to a home address
  • 1,400 yen

Pick-up at 7-11 Convenience Store

  • this is not an option for Grand Sumo Tournaments, but many special sumo events and non-sumo events support it
  • we email you a barcode that you take to the counter at any 7-11 store in Japan to pick up your tickets
  • you don’t have to know which store you’ll go to, they’re all linked electronically
  • not available for pre-orders, available for most orders after sales have begun
  • 400 yen


We will send you an invoice from Paypal and you can pay it with your credit card. You don’t need a Paypal account to do this! If you already have a Paypal account, you can also pay from your balance or bank account. Note that payments with a credit card or your Paypal balance are processed instantly, but payments from your bank account will take about a week to clear. We will not purchase your tickets until payment has cleared.

Terms and Conditions

1. Tickets/vouchers cannot be replaced if lost or destroyed. We will be unable to help you if you lose your tickets/voucher. Please do not call or visit the venue to try to enter without your tickets/voucher. Unused tickets/vouchers cannot be refunded.

2. If you order tickets from us but they are sold-out when we try to buy, we’ll try the following, in order:

a) Buy tickets for the same day at a lower price range. If this succeeds, we’ll refund the unused money.

b) Buy tickets at your requested price range, on your first choice of alternate dates. If those are also sold-out, we’ll try to lower the price range again. If it’s still sold-out, we’ll try your next alternate day.

c) If none of the above succeeds, or you don’t select any alternate dates, then we’ll give you a complete refund.

d) If you ordered Box tickets and have alternate dates, we’ll usually try to get you Box seats on your alternate date before we change to Arena seats on your first choice date. If you don’t want to do this, the date is more important than being in a Box, please tell us when you order.

3. Pre-orders may be canceled and refunded only if we receive notice by email from you before 5:00AM Japan time on the first day of actual ticket sales. Please try to give us as much notice as you can. In the case of a canceled pre-order, we will be able to refund all costs, including ticket cost with Paypal fees, our service charge and shipping costs.  However, we reserve the right to keep a small administrative fee of up to 500 yen per order if you cancel a pre-order.

4. If we have already purchased your tickets, but have not yet sent them, only the shipping cost is refundable. However, we might be able to help you to re-sell your tickets to another customer. Please contact us for more information.

5. If we have already purchased and sent your tickets, then we cannot give you any refund. However, we might be able to help you to re-sell your tickets to another customer. Please contact us for more information.

6. Sumo events are rarely canceled (in the last 70 years, only one major tournament has been canceled). If your event is canceled, the following rules will apply:

a) The face value of the ticket will be refunded to you. How this happens depends on the event and the circumstances of your order. In some cases, you will be able to visit the arena yourself to get the refund. In other cases, you will be able to mail the tickets back to us to apply for the refund on your behalf. The customer will be responsible for the cost of sending the tickets back to us. Please note that in order to get a refund, the original tickets must be returned. No refund will be given by the Sumo Association to either you or us if the original tickets cannot be produced.

b) Our service charge, normally 1,200 yen per ticket, is non-refundable.

c) Shipping costs are refundable only if we have not sent your tickets at the time we receive notice of the event cancellation. If your tickets have already been shipped, we cannot refund shipping costs.

d) Paypal fees added to the tickets, a small percentage which is usually the difference between the face value of the ticket and the ticket cost we charge, might or might not be refundable, depending on the situation.

7. We are not responsible for any shipments that are not delivered if:

a) you gave us an incorrect address for shipping.

b) there is nobody at the address to receive the shipment and you do not make arrangements with your post office to receive it.

c) your country’s post office fails to deliver for any reason.

d) your hotel rejects or loses your shipment for any reason.

The exchange rates in the calculator below are approximate only. The actual rate will be determined by Paypal on the date you make payment.