NJPW Fan Club Service

NJPW Fan Club Service

NJPW is growing in popularity, and recently the best tickets are selling out in the fan club pre-sale before the public gets a chance to buy.  (Royal Seats for all events are almost always sold out by the fan club, also if you want Arena ‘A’ for Wrestle Kingdom in January, you should definitely use this service.)

Some events do not go on public sale at all, because the fan club buys all of the tickets before public sales can open.  (Examples of events that are in danger of being sold out before public sales include New Year’s Dash in January, the final night of the 3 nights of G1 Climax in Tokyo in July, and the final night of the 3 nights of G1 Climax in Tokyo in August.  If you want tickets for these events, we urge you to use this fan club service!)

If you want access to these special fan club ticket sales, then we have a service for you!

The features of our service are:

1. Assistance to register for the fan club on the NJPW website, with payment made directly to NJPW

i) Fee for members 18-59 years old is 1,000 yen one-time initiation fee + 5,150 yen annual fee
ii) Fee for members under 18 or over 60 years old is 2,550 yen annual fee only, no initiation fee

2. Use of our address to receive all tickets that you order from fan club sales, which provides first chance to buy the best tickets

i) You can order as many times as you’d like and we don’t charge a per-ticket service fee, but you must email us when the order is complete to tell us what’s coming and to arrange shipping
ii) NJPW will charge a shipping fee of 700 yen for each order you make, to ship to us
iii) Fan club pre-sales are a lottery system, so there is no promise you will get tickets this way, but our members have been very successful
iv) There is a limit of tickets you can buy this way, usually 2 or 4 tickets per event, depending on ticket type

3. Shipping to your hotel/hostel/AirBnB in Japan for the first shipment of a membership year is included

i) We can combine shipping for more than one event if they can be sent to you at the same time
ii) Shipping from your 2nd shipment will require you to pay the postage fee only, please see our shipping page for information and prices
iii) We recommend shipping to a hotel/hostel with a front desk that can receive the envelope for you, AirBnB is suggested only as a final option
iv) The member’s name must be the name on the room reservation at the hotel, to prevent letting somebody else borrow your membership or the re-sale of tickets
v) We can’t ship these tickets overseas because they are often delivered to us just before the event

4. Shipment of your membership card and fan club magazine (issued 1-2 times a year) to your home overseas

i) Postage costs are included in membership


*It is not permitted to share your membership with another person who will be going to events without you. It is for the use of yourself and the people who will attend events with you as part of your order. Membership with our service must be renewed at the time that you renew your NJPW fan club membership.*

Our price for this service is 10,800 yen per year for the first year. Renewals are 10,000 yen per year.  This price does not include your membership to the fan club or the shipping fees they charge to send the tickets to us, which you will pay directly to NJPW. If you would like to subscribe to our service, please click the Subscribe button below.  You can also contact us if you have any questions.