Nagoya Sumo Tickets

Nagoya Sumo Tickets

July – the Nagoya Basho

The next tournament in Nagoya is July 8th to 22nd, 2018!  Check our event calendar to find other events.

For exchange rates between the yen and your currency, use the currency converter at the bottom of the page.

What time is the event?


Seat Type* Ticket Cost**
(per person)
Service Charge
(per person)
Total Cost
(per person)
12,200 yen 1,200 yen / 1,700 yen 13,400 yen / 13,900 yen
11,100 yen 1,200 yen / 1,700 yen 12,300 yen / 12,800 yen
10,000 yen 1,200 yen / no weekends 11,200 yen / no weekends
7,900 yen 1,200 yen / 1,700 yen 9,100 yen / 9,600 yen
5,200 yen 1,200 yen / 1,700 yen 6,400 yen / 6,900 yen
3,600 yen 1,200 yen / no weekends 4,800 yen / no weekends

*Hover over the seat types for information and photos.  ‘B’ Boxes are in sizes for 1 or 4 people. Box ‘D’ are for 1 person, but can be bought next to each other for 2+ people.  Box ‘C’ are designed for 4 people, but sold only for 2 people, so you get more space.  You can’t buy just part of a Box. Arena seats are for 1 person. Please click here for a list of order types that we can accept.

**Ticket cost is the price we pay for the ticket, plus a small mark-up (about 4%) for Paypal fees.

Family/Senior Tickets

Information about Family/Senior Tickets:

1. A child is 15 years or younger, and a senior is 60 years or older, on the event date. A Family Ticket requires at least 2 people. If there is at least 1 child or 1 senior in the group, you qualify. Groups of all children do not qualify. The ticket cost does not change with the number of people, but we charge our service charge for each person.

2. We will send you a voucher for your Family Ticket. This is not the entrance ticket! The voucher must be exchanged for your tickets between 9:00AM-5:00PM on the day of the event. The exchange is made at a tent-structure to the right of the main box office at the arena. You must have every member of your group present to get the tickets. If you arrive without any children/seniors, they may not give you your tickets.

3. We accept Family Ticket orders for weekdays (Monday-Friday), except the final Friday of the tournament. They have very limited availability. Please consider which ticket type you’d like if we can’t get one for you, and tell us your alternates when you contact us.

Family Ticket Type Ticket Cost**
(per group)
Service Charge
(per person)
Family Box 'B' (maximum 4 people) 25,800 yen 1,200 yen

*Ticket cost represents the price we pay for the ticket, plus a small mark-up (about 4%) to cover Paypal fees.

Accepted Order Types

Below is a list of order types we accept. Other types sell out immediately, so we don’t take orders for them. Please understand that even if a ticket type is in this list, it might not be available.  Weekends and holidays sell out extremely quickly.  We strongly recommend that you plan at least one weekday when you can go to sumo and use this as one of your date choices.

**July 16th (Monday) is a national holiday and is a weekend date.

Mondays-Fridays Weekend
(except final weekend)
Final Weekend
All ticket types except:
Family Ticket on final Friday
Box 'A'
4-person Box 'B'
Box 'D'
Arena 'A'
4-person Box 'B'
Box 'D'
Arena 'A'

The exchange rates in the calculator below are approximate only. The actual rate will be determined by Paypal on the date you make payment.


Sumo ticket sales on weekends* are extremely fast and tickets are difficult to get.  By raising the service charge on weekends, we hope to encourage you to choose a weekday as your first choice.

If you have a weekend as first choice, we strongly recommend a weekday as an alternate.  If we have to change your date from a weekend to a weekday, we will refund the 600 yen weekend surcharge.

*National holidays are also considered weekend dates.
4-person Box 'A' in Nagoya
Distance to ring 7-25m
4-person Box 'B' in Nagoya
Distance to ring 21-34m
Box 'C' in Nagoya
127x123cm (including 30cm table)
Distance to ring 27-37m
Box 'D' in Nagoya
size varies
Distance to ring 34-37m
Arena 'A' in Nagoya
Width 41cm, Pitch 90cm
Distance to ring 28-38m
Arena 'B' in Nagoya
Width 41cm, Pitch 90cm
Distance to ring 36-39m